Cincinnati Foreclosure Listings

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Foreclosure Homes:

ARDMORE AVE Cincinnati - OH
Foreclosure Home - 15 photos

Ardmore Ave

4 BD, 2.5 BH
3,320 sqft
Foreclosed Home

KINGSPATH DR Cincinnati - OH
Pre-foreclosure Home - 14 photos

Kingspath Dr
$272,500 (EMV)

4 BD, 3 BH
1,820 sqft

POPLAR ST Cincinnati - OH
Pre-foreclosure Home - 12 photos

Poplar St
$157,900 (EMV)

2 BD, 1 BH
1,440 sqft

OCOSTA AVE Cincinnati - OH
Pre-foreclosure Home - 12 photos

Ocosta Ave
$186,592 (EMV)

2 BD, 2 BH
1,536 sqft

Pre-foreclosure Home - 11 photos

Netherland Ct
$242,900 (EMV)

3 BD, 3 BH
1,754 sqft

N COOPER AVE Cincinnati - OH
Pre-foreclosure Home - 11 photos

N Cooper Ave
$164,600 (EMV)

4 BD, 2 BH
2,016 sqft

EDALBERT DR Cincinnati - OH
Pre-foreclosure Home - 10 photos

Edalbert Dr
$184,500 (EMV)

3 BD, 1 BH
1,485 sqft

MUSTANG DR APT 23 Cincinnati - OH
Pre-foreclosure Home - 10 photos

Mustang Dr Apt 23
$65,500 (EMV)

2 BD, 1 BH
814 sqft

MAPLE DR Cincinnati - OH
Pre-foreclosure Home - 10 photos

Maple Dr
$225,300 (EMV)

4 BD, 2 BH
1,221 sqft

FATH CT Cincinnati - OH
Pre-foreclosure Home - 10 photos

Fath Ct
$144,000 (EMV)

3 BD, 3 BH
1,053 sqft


While we strive for accuracy, the availability of foreclosure properties listed on our site is not guaranteed due to ever-changing market conditions. We invite you to explore other categories, including pre-foreclosures, offering valuable real estate investment opportunities.

EMV: Estimated Market Value.
Tips for Buying a Foreclosed Property: Start by searching for available pre-foreclosure properties in your area. These properties aren't usually listed for sale, which means there's less competition from other buyers. Additionally, pre-foreclosures are often sold below market rate, making them great real estate deals. Don't miss out on this opportunity to get a great deal on a foreclosed property.

Best Areas to Find Foreclosures in Cincinnati

West Price Hill: Located in the western part of Cincinnati, West Price Hill is known for its affordability and a mix of housing options. It's a neighborhood where foreclosure opportunities may be available, making it appealing to budget-conscious investors.

Bond Hill: Bond Hill is situated in the northern part of the city. It's known for its accessibility to major highways and transportation, potentially making it an area to watch for foreclosure opportunities, especially for commuters.

East Walnut Hills: East Walnut Hills is an up-and-coming neighborhood with ongoing revitalization efforts. It's known for its historic homes and proximity to downtown Cincinnati, making it a potential hotspot for foreclosure deals.

Evanston: Evanston is a diverse neighborhood in the eastern part of Cincinnati. It has a history of fluctuating real estate values, which may lead to foreclosure opportunities for savvy investors.

Price Hill: Price Hill, divided into East, West, and Lower Price Hill, offers a range of housing choices and has seen development and investment in recent years. It's a neighborhood with potential foreclosure opportunities, especially in certain areas.

Cincinnati Ohio Real Estate foreclosure statistics: Foreclosures 522, Pre-foreclosures 1,418, Short sales 58, Sheriff sales 43