Plainfield Foreclosure Listings

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Foreclosure Homes:

OAK TREE LN Plainfield - IL
Pre-foreclosure Home - 14 photos

Oak Tree Ln
$198,600 (EMV)

2 BD, 1.5 BH
1,082 sqft

IVANHOE CT Plainfield - IL
Pre-foreclosure Home - 12 photos

Ivanhoe Ct
$272,348 (EMV)

4 BD, 2 BH
1,427 sqft

OLD WOODS TRL Plainfield - IL
Pre-foreclosure Home - 11 photos

Old Woods Trl
$223,600 (EMV)

3 BD, 2 BH
1,780 sqft

Pre-foreclosure Home - 11 photos

Silver Ridge Dr
$295,000 (EMV)

4 BD, 3 BH
2,564 sqft

ANTHONY LN Plainfield - IL
Pre-foreclosure Home - 11 photos

Anthony Ln
$286,700 (EMV)

3 BD, 3 BH
1,668 sqft

Pre-foreclosure Home - 11 photos

Patriot Square Dr S
$242,700 (EMV)

2 BD, 3 BH
1,450 sqft

W BRAXTON LN Plainfield - IL
Pre-foreclosure Home - 10 photos

W Braxton Ln
$259,300 (EMV)

2 BD, 2 BH
1,500 sqft

WHITE PINE WAY Plainfield - IL
Pre-foreclosure Home - 9 photos

White Pine Way
$242,300 (EMV)

3 BD, 3.5 BH
1,804 sqft

W ARDMORE CIR Plainfield - IL
Pre-foreclosure Home - 9 photos

W Ardmore Cir
$220,000 (EMV)

3 BD, 3 BH
1,516 sqft

SPANGLER RD Plainfield - IL
Pre-foreclosure Home - 8 photos

Spangler Rd
$288,800 (EMV)

3 BD, 3 BH
1,452 sqft


While we strive for accuracy, the availability of foreclosure properties listed on our site is not guaranteed due to ever-changing market conditions. We invite you to explore other categories, including pre-foreclosures, offering valuable real estate investment opportunities.

EMV: Estimated Market Value.
Tips for Buying a Foreclosed Property: Start by searching for available pre-foreclosure properties in your area. These properties aren't usually listed for sale, which means there's less competition from other buyers. Additionally, pre-foreclosures are often sold below market rate, making them great real estate deals. Don't miss out on this opportunity to get a great deal on a foreclosed property.

Best Areas to Find Foreclosures in Plainfield

Downtown Plainfield: Downtown Plainfield is a bustling area with a charming mix of historic and modern buildings. It's a popular spot for shopping, dining, and community events. Keep an eye out for foreclosure listings here if you're looking for a property with easy access to amenities and a vibrant atmosphere.

Shorewood: Shorewood is a neighboring town to Plainfield, offering a variety of housing options. This area is known for its family-friendly atmosphere and excellent schools, making it an attractive location for those interested in foreclosure opportunities.

Wesmere: Wesmere is a well-established community in Plainfield with a range of housing styles, including single-family homes and townhouses. If you're seeking foreclosure properties in a suburban setting with access to parks and recreational facilities, Wesmere is worth exploring.

Caton Ridge: Caton Ridge is a residential neighborhood in Plainfield that boasts a mix of housing choices. It's known for its convenience to major roads and shopping centers, making it a potential hotspot for foreclosure listings.

Heritage Meadows: Heritage Meadows is a newer development in Plainfield, offering modern housing options. While it's generally a more upscale neighborhood, foreclosure properties may occasionally become available, providing opportunities for those looking for contemporary living.

Plainfield Illinois Real Estate foreclosure statistics: Foreclosures 63, Pre-foreclosures 402, Short sales 31,