Maricopa Foreclosure Listings

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Foreclosure Homes:

OLIVE ST Maricopa - CA
Pre-foreclosure - 8 photos

Olive St
$85,700 (EMV)

3 BD, 1 BH
936 sqft


San Joaquin St
$101,000 (EMV)

3 BD, 2 BH
1,392 sqft

OLIVE ST Maricopa - CA

Olive St
$180,700 (EMV)

3 BD, 1 BH
1,950 sqft

HELEN ST Maricopa - CA
Foreclosure - 18 photos

Helen St

3 BD, 2 BH
1,291 sqft
Foreclosed Home

OLIVE ST Maricopa - CA
Pre-foreclosure - 3 photos

Olive St
$52,300 (EMV)

2 BD, 1 BH
748 sqft

OLIVE ST Maricopa - CA

Olive St
$53,500 (EMV)

3 BD, 1 BH
914 sqft

Properties that may be of interest to you

K St Mojave - CA
Pre-foreclosure - 15 photos

K St
$50,000 (EMV)

2 BD, 1 BH

Canyon Ct Bakersfield - CA
Pre-foreclosure - 14 photos

Canyon Ct
$281,600 (EMV)

3 BD, 2.5 BH

Bernard St Bakersfield - CA
Pre-foreclosure - 12 photos

Bernard St
$234,000 (EMV)

3 BD, 1 BH

Hacienda Blvd California City - CA
Pre-foreclosure - 12 photos

Hacienda Blvd
$240,000 (EMV)

3 BD, 2 BH


We would like to notify you that the availability of properties listed on our site is not always guaranteed, as the quantity of foreclosure properties in our database fluctuates due to varying market conditions. We, nevertheless, encourage you to peruse other property categories available on our website, which include pre-foreclosures. These options provide excellent avenues for real estate investment.

We appreciate your understanding and welcome you to reach out to us for any additional inquiries or concerns.

EMV: Estimated Market Value.
Tips for Buying a Foreclosed Property: Start by searching for available pre-foreclosure properties in your area. These properties aren't usually listed for sale, which means there's less competition from other buyers. Additionally, pre-foreclosures are often sold below market rate, making them great real estate deals. Don't miss out on this opportunity to get a great deal on a foreclosed property.

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Maricopa California Real Estate foreclosure statistics: Foreclosures 2, Pre-foreclosures 1, Short sales 1,