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West Virginia Foreclosures for Sale

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West Virginia is located to the west of Virginia and borders Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland. Its largest city, which is also the state capital, is Charleston, (which is where the dance originated and took its name from in the 1920's). The state was formed as a breakaway from the state of Virginia during the American Civil War. It is well known for its mountainous areas, as well as for its historical routes in the coal mining and logging industries, which helped form the state into what it is today. It is known as one of the more active states, because of all of its links to sports such as skiing, hiking, mountains biking, fishing, hunting (although this has decreased slightly in recent years) and also white-water rafting. West Virginia has a population of nearly two million at the last count, which is in the middle of the list of states in order of population; however the median income for a person is $38,000, which is the third lowest out of any State in the entire United States!

The median household income for a family in West Virginia is $30,000, which is way under the national average and shows that West Virginia is a poor state. The same goes for the values and prices for homes in West Virginia home foreclosures, with the average value of a home being only $72,000 and the median price that owners are asking for properties right now is only $46,300 which is nearly half of the national average for a for sale house! All of these figures show how cheap West Virginia is to move to.