Washington Foreclosure Listings

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Washington Foreclosures for Sale

Potential buyers will find that there are many home foreclosures posted for sale in Washington foreclosure listings. Our Washington home foreclosure listings are checked and updated daily to make sure that all the available homes make it onto the market as soon as possible.

Washington has borders with Canada, the Pacific Ocean and the states of Oregon and Idaho. The last count of the population estimated that were nearly seven million people living in this State, which isn't a huge population. Washington is mostly covered by mountains and rainforests, making it difficult for the state to host a large population. This state was also named after the first ever President of the United States, George Washington, and is the only state to actually be named after a President. Washington's capital is Olympia while it's largest, most important city is Seattle. It is part of an area which has been named the Pacific Northwest, which also includes Oregon and northern California. Washington also has an abundance of natural scenery and is home to a few national parks (Mount Rainier National Park and Olympic National Park). If you are a person that is more interested in history than natural surroundings, Washington has two national monuments, including Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument.

In terms of income for the households of Washington, it is a very average state, with a median household income of around $45,000 and a median family income of $54,000. The median value of a home in the state of Washington is about $170,000, which is high compared to the national average of $120,000. However, many owners are now realizing that they cannot get people to pay the actual value of their house if they need or want to sell it; many are selling their homes for below what they are worth.