Virginia Foreclosure Listings

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Virginia Foreclosures for Sale

All of these Virginia home foreclosures can be found on these foreclosure listings which are always being kept up to date to make sure that as many foreclosures are on the market as possible. These Virginia foreclosure sales can come at a lot lower value than that of the home and can be great ways for buyers to buy into an expensive property.

Virginia is a State on the east coast of USA's border with the Atlantic Ocean. It has sometimes been nicknamed the "mother of Presidents" since a surprisingly high number of presidents have been born there, eight in total. The State has a population of over eight million and the most populous city within it is the city of Virginia Beach. It was one of the first thirteen States to be formed and was part of the American Revolution. The General Assembly of Virginia is the oldest existing one in the USA and has also been named the most effective many times. The State capital is the city of Richmond, and the State has borders with both Maryland and Washington D.C to the north and the west. The geography of the State is generally defined by the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Chesapeake Bay. The climate of the State is reasonably hot and humid, and gets even more so the further south and east you go, as the temperature is largely affected by the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean.

Virginia is an expensive State to buy a property in, with the average price of a mere one bedroom house being $284,776, which is very high for such a small house. However, weirdly, the average price for a two bedroom home is $264,357, which is lower despite the fact that it is a larger house! This is due to the fact that most of the one bedroom homes come in the forms of flats, condos or apartments which could be in the middle of one of the large cities, making them more expensive. The average price for a three bedroom home is $318, 495 and for a four bedroom home it is a huge price of $470,502! However, recently, these prices have started to drop a little and the place is gradually becoming a cheaper place to live and still managing to stay a highly desirable place to own a home.