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South Carolina Foreclosures for Sale

South Carolina is situated in the southeastern region of North America, with a population of over 4.6 million people. The state's major cities include Columbia, which is its state capital and the largest city, along with Florence, Charleston, Greenville, Rock Hill and Spartanburg. Major counties spread across the state consist of Anderson County, Spartanburg County, York County, Lexington County, Greenville County and Charleston County. The state has a landmass of approximately 32,000 square miles, with surrounding states including North Carolina and Georgia.

The land has a wide variation of terrain types and contrasting regions. The largest area that totalizes the majority of the state is the Atlantic Coastal Plain; its outer part features a mass of flatlands and many rivers, while the central region contains a large portion of forested areas known as the Pine Barrens. Other notable parts of the state include the Piedmont, which is characterized by rising elevations and hilltops; while the Blue Ridge in the northwest region consists of more forestation.

The state's economy features a thriving agriculture sector, with the production of livestock attributing towards over half of the industry's revenue. Along with its livestock maintenance, hogs, chicken eggs and turkey also greatly contribute to the economy. The most common crops grown in South Carolina include greenhouse plants, vegetables such as sweet potatoes, cucumbers and watermelon and other produce including cotton, hay, peanuts and soybeans. Local businesses situated across the states major cities and towns contribute to the state as well, including wholesale and retail chains, along with hotels, law firms and insurance companies. The production of chemicals is an important part of the manufacturing industry, such as pharmaceutical products and dyes, while a number of textile products are also manufactured in South Carolina.

South Carolina's current housing market indicates positive figures for the year, providing ample opportunity for potential buyers looking for South Carolina home foreclosures. In Columbia, the average listing price for homes currently sits at $149,900, with South Carolina foreclosures accounting for over 16 percent of the city's sales. In Florence, house prices have dropped by nearly 3 percent over the past year, with average prices sitting at $164,900, along with foreclosure sales accounting for 1.4 percent of the overall household sales.