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Rhode Island Foreclosures for Sale

Rhode Island is located in the upper eastern region of North America, with its neighboring states being Massachusetts and Connecticut. The state's major cities include Providence - which is the state's capital and is also the largest city - along with Warwick, Cranston and Pawtucket. The five counties situated across the state include, Bristol County, Kent County, Newport County, Providence County and Washington County.

Providence contains a lively metropolitan area, featuring several shopping districts, events and an exciting nightlife atmosphere. The downtown area has a structure containing hundreds of interconnecting streets, along with a capitol center that contains newly established places such as the Providence Place Mall, Waterplace Park and the Westin Hotel. Providence's demographic consists of nearly 39 percent of households with married couples, while the median household income averages at just below $27,000. The number of homes with children averages at just above a quarter of all properties. The housing market in providence provides positive figures for potential owners of Rhode Island home foreclosures, with median listing prices ranging at around $150,000, a staggering drop in nearly 19 percent compared to last year. Rhode Island foreclosures attribute to over 15 percent of sales, an increase in 9 percent compared to the previous year.

Rhode Island's geographic structure is split into two distinct regions; the Coastal Lowlands, located in the south and south-west area and features wide and sweeping flatlands, and the Eastern New England Upland, located in the north and north-east sections of the state and feature rocky mountain ranges and an array of lakes and ponds scattered around the area.

The state's agriculture industry gains high revenue from the production of honey, milk, livestock and chicken eggs; while crops including sweet corn, potatoes, hay and apples also contribute generously to the industry's profits. Being situated along the Atlantic Ocean, Rhode Island produces a number of catch among its commercial fishing industry; shellfish, lobster, clams, flounder and yellowfish are among some of the most important products. The state's manufacturing industry thrives on the production of electronic equipment, with lighting products being the most profitable avenue of the industry. Jewelry also holds high value among the industry, contributing greatly to retail lines among the service sector, while the production of microchips also bears significant gain for the state's IT sector.