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Pennsylvania Foreclosures for Sale

Pennsylvania is located in the upper eastern region of North America, with a population of over 12.7 million people; making it one of the most populous state in the United States of America. Its major cities include Harrisburg, the state's capital city, along with its largest city, Philadelphia. Other major cities include Pittsburgh, Reading, Erie, Allentown and Scranton. Major counties across the state are Clinton, Bradford, Clearfield, Monroe and Lycoming.

Philadelphia features a plethora of landmarks and places of interest. This includes areas of entertainment such as the SugarHouse Casino, the Adventure Aquarium, Elmwood Park Zoo and Franklin Square. The city central features a lively atmosphere and a burgeoning shopping district, with plenty of cafes and restaurants to match.

In regards to the city's demographic, Philadelphia households attain a median income of over thirty-thousand dollars annually, along with a quarter of homes having children. The people are a mix of young singles studying degrees situated in the urban center, combined with single parents and middle-class families maintaining jobs in education or management roles. The Philadelphia housing market is experiencing a decrease in house prices, along with Pennsylvania home foreclosures as well. Median listing prices sit at around one-hundred and fifty-five thousand dollars, while Pennsylvania foreclosures account for around fifteen and a half percent of overall household sales.

The state's agriculture industry thrives on the production of livestock; this includes its range of beef cattle, along with its production of milk. Other products include chicken eggs and broilers, including mushrooms, corn, soybeans, tobacco and wheat. Pennsylvania's mining industry is a prominent force in its mining of coal; it is also the only state in America that mines the specialized material, anthracite coal. The local businesses that permeate across the state contribute greatly towards the state's economical growth. Services such as hotels, health care, law firms and sport franchises are the leading areas of the service industry, with other sectors such as finance and insurance companies and automobile dealership, to name a few.

The state's manufacturing of chemicals generates large revenue also; this includes pharmaceutical drugs and chemicals for household products. The processing and exporting of food is an important sector in the industry, with products such as bread, cakes, alcohol and biscuits being the most common items.