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Nevada Foreclosures for Sale

Nevada is situated in the western region of North America and is bordered by the states of Idaho, Oregon, California and Arizona. Nevada is, by far, one of the largest states in America, covering a mass landscape of over 110,000 square miles-it is the seventh biggest state in all the United States. Nevada also features a contrasting array of sand dunes and snowy mountain ranges, along with fantastic vistas of forest and valleys. The main sections of Nevada consist of the Columbia Plateau, which is comprised of river beds and numerous canyons, all of which are located on the edge of Idaho. The Sierra Nevada is situated in the state's southern region, which is a mountain range featuring many high mountains and the famous Lake Tahoe.

Nevada's key cities include: Carson City (the state capital), Las Vegas (the most populated city), Henderson, Paradise, Reno and Sparks. The total population of Las Vegas sits at over 590,000, a figure that is more than double that of the state's second-largest city. Las Vegas attracts many tourists into its streets, with its appeal shining most brightly in its gaming and entertainment sector, along with its lavishly designed metropolitan area and nightlife scene. Its service sector, combined with the tourism industry, garners a large sum of profits as a result, with its contribution to the state's economy boasting at nearly a third of its overall revenue across all industries.

Nevada also benefits from a productive mining sector, with the most important mineral mined being gold. In fact, the state of Nevada is highly renowned as America's largest producer of gold. Other important resources include: silver, copper, carbonate and diatomite. The state's agriculture industry thrives on the production of cattle, potatoes, dairy and wool, along with other crops including wheat, garlic and onions.

The housing market in Las Vegas is currently showing positive figures, which shows that this is the best time for homebuyers to look into Nevada home foreclosures. The current median listing price sits at around $115,000, which is a drop of 5.8 percent, as compared to last year. Nevada foreclosures account for fifty three percent of all households in the state, which is an increase of over 13 percent in comparison to the same time last year.