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New Jersey Foreclosures for Sale

New Jersey is located on the tip of North American's east region, sitting along the coastal border of the Atlantic Ocean. New Jersey sits in between New York and Pennsylvania and is one of America's smallest states. It is made up of number of areas, including the Atlantic Coastal Plain, which features coastal wetlands and sweeping plains. New Jersey also features mountains from the Appalachian Ridge and the rocky ridges of the New England Upland.

The state's major cities include Trenton, respectively the state's capital; Newark, the state's largest city, followed by other major metropolitan regions, such as Elizabeth, Edison, Howell and Woodbridge. Notable counties located in New Jersey include: Union county, Middlesex County, Passaic County and Essex County. New Jersey's overall population is approximately 8,791,894, according to recent Census findings, making it America's 11th most populated state. Numerous landmarks are situated in Trenton, which promotes historical and cultural significance in many areas; Trenton's places of historical merit include the New Jersey State Museum, The William Trent House and the Old Barracks, which is the last of its kind in America.

New Jersey's thriving economy boasts a profitable and productive agricultural industry. The state's most important source of revenue is in its natural plants and greenhouse production, along with the state being a major provider of soybeans, wheat, asparagus, eggplant and bell peppers. The state's mining industry largely focuses on materials such as crushed stone, gravel and sand, as well as peat. New Jersey also garners considerable revenue from its commercial fishing sector, with clams being its most precious export, along with flounder, lobster, swordfish and scallops. The manufacturing industry's produces a large share of this country's chemicals, which helps to produce things like shampoo and perfume.

The current housing market is benefiting from decreased housing prices that are left over from past year, making it a good time to check out our New Jersey home foreclosures. Trenton is experiencing a notable drop of nearly 5 percent in terms of price value, with median listing prices currently sitting at $94,900. On the other hand, the median price of Newark foreclosures is at $189,000 or above, with New Jersey foreclosures accounting for about1.4 percent of overall household sales.