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North Carolina Foreclosures for Sale

North Carolina is located in the eastern region of North America, bordering on the Atlantic Ocean and situated between Virginia and South Carolina. The state's major cities include Charlotte, North Carolina's largest city, followed by the state capital Raleigh, along with Durham, Greensboro, Winston-Salem and Fayetteville, which are also among the states most populated cities.

North Carolina is well known for its impressive display of lakes and rivers, such as Lake Phelps and Lake Waccamaw, along with the Neuse River, Yadkin River and Roanoke River. The state is split into various regions, with a natural blend of coastal flatlands, mixed with giant, sweeping meadows and the rugged hills of the Appalacgian Mountains. North Carolina's scenery is striking and beautiful, with sights that attract thousands of tourists every year.

The production of livestock contributes to nearly half of the state's agricultural industry profits, with hogs and broilers being the most important products in the market. In terms of crops, greenhouse and plants are the most important sectors of the industry, which is then followed by the production of tobacco and cotton. In terms of manufacturing, the packaging of tobacco products is the leading source of revenue for the industry. Computers, electronic components and chemicals also greatly contribute to the state's economy. The commercial fishing industry produces a large quantity of blue crabs, shrimp, flounder and clams, along with trout and crayfish. The state's mining industry generates the most profits from granite, followed by limestone and traprock. Materials, such as sand and gravel, are distributed to sectors in the building and construction industry and are also used to make aluminum and glass.

North Carolina's housing market is currently optimistic, especially for home foreclosures, which have experienced an increase in the rate of resales. North Carolina foreclosures account for more than 24 percent of overall household sales in Charlotte. Charlotte's median listing prices are on the decrease as well, with a percentile drop of 5.9 percent in comparison to last year, currently sitting on a price range of $159,800. The demographic statistics in Charlotte indicate that the majority of relationship statuses are married couples. This also coincides with the rate of households with children sitting at more than a quarter, making Charlotte an ideal location for starting families.