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Montana Foreclosures for Sale

Current figures show that the median listing price of house in Montana's housing market is approximately $250,000, which is a decline of about 0.4 percent from last year's figures. Major cities situated across the state, such as Helena, are currently showing a mild increase in prices. On the other hand, Billings is showing a 2 percent decrease in prices. Overall, despite some minor fluctuations in percentile differences, the market is very stable and now is an excellent time to purchase one of our fine Montana home foreclosures.

Montana is situated in the upper region on North America; its major cities include Billings, which is the state's most populous city, Kalispell, Missoula, Butte, and Great Falls, along with the state capital Helena. Geographically speaking, Montana borders other surrounding states including Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota and North Dakota. The state is comprised of vast, widespread plains that encapsulate the majority of the region, while the rest is full of rocky mountain regions, with huge sloping hills and many hotspots containing beautifully crafted lakes. Many individuals are seeking to buy Montana foreclosures because the state's natural beauty, coupled with its amazing housing prices, make for a great investment.

Montana's current economic status varies with a modest blend of proficiency in the agricultural, manufacturing and mining industry. The highest earning sectors of revenue for the agricultural industry include livestock production, predominantly in beef cattle, along with a strong crop production. A third of the industry's overall revenue is brought in through the sales of crops, with barley, hay and wheat being the most prominent resources. The state's manufacturing industry garners high revenue from the processing of wood and lumber into stationary items, as well as from petroleum refineries.

The packaging of raw food products such as meat, dairy products, soft drinks and grains contributes a modest earning towards the economy as well. The mining industry benefits most from the production of coal and petroleum. Other important resources for the state include gold and silver, with copper and lead also being a precious resource. Services such as law firms, local repair shops and established retail shops maintain the growth of smaller-based businesses. The finance sector and several real estate branches also contribute to the state's prosperity as well.