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The state of Mississippi is located in the southeastern region of North America and is bordered by the states of Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas and Louisiana. The major cities situated across the state are Hattiesburg, Gulfport, and Jackson, which is the state's capital, as well as Meridian, just to name a few. The counties located in Mississippi are called Hinds County, Jackson County, Lauderdale County and Rankin County. Geographically speaking, the land is comprised of flatlands that permeate across the delta border near the sandy landscapes of the Gulf of New Mexico, along with widespread hills and valleys situated in the states northeast region.

Mississippi's economy once thrived on the production of cotton, though nowadays the state's revenue is more spread out. However, the agricultural industry is still a crucial part of the state's economy, particularly in the realms of crop production and livestock. The main sources of income for the industry are in broilers, catfish, soybeans and cattle, with its production of sweet potatoes, rice and corn also playing a major role in the state's agricultural sector. In terms of its mining industry, petroleum and natural gas serve as the largest contributors to the state, along with clay, limestone and gravel. Services offered in Mississippi, such as local and national businesses, include hotels, law firms and private health care agencies; these businesses provide large amounts of revenue for this state. Besides things like agriculture and service industries, Mississippi benefits greatly from its casino gambling sector as well. The meat-packaging sector contributes much of the state's income in regards to the manufacturing sector, along with furniture and upholstery production being widely renowned across Mississippi.

Demographically speaking, Mississippi has a burgeoning population of over 2,967,000 people, with Jackson being the most populous city in the state. It also has a strong presence of people with English and Scottish ancestry, followed by a widespread influx of natives and African Americans across the state.

Many well known events are held annually in Mississippi, such as the Magnolia Independent Film Festival in Starkville, along with the USA International Ballet Competition. The state promotes a wide array of other arts in the field too, including its long history of blues music.

The housing market in Jackson indicates steady figures, with median listing prices currently at $85,000, making a low-price range for many Mississippi home foreclosures. These trends have remained consistent over the past few years, with little in terms of varying prices, along with most Mississippi foreclosures.