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Missouri is situated in North America's central region, bordering on surrounding states such as Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee. The state covers a landmass of nearly 69,000 square miles, making it one of America's largest states. The state is structured into contrasting areas of flat plains, such as the Dissected Till Plains; a prime area for the production of corn, along with other areas such as the Ozark Plateau, which comprises of steep hilly valleys and wide scoping mountain ranges. The area also features an array of lakes and beautiful springs, including impressive scenery to match.

Missouri's major cities include the state's capital, Jefferson City, along with Springfield, Lee's Summit, Kansas City, St. Louis and Columbia. Major counties include Boone County, Jefferson County, Jackson County, Saint Louis County and Newton County. Jefferson City's demographic is host to a broad range of people, including those earning college degrees and raising families in middle-class suburbs. The median household income is just under $40,000. Family households with children contribute to just over a quarter of all households, while the rate of marriages sits at just over half the homes in the city. Missouri foreclosures also contribute a modest amount of overall houses in Jefferson city and other major cities.

Missouri's economy thrives on the production of cattle and livestock, which contributes to more than 50 percent of the agricultural industry's profits. Other products in the industry include beef, cattle, dairy products and crops such as soybeans, corn, cotton, as well as a persistent production of fruits and vegetables. The state's mining industry is a prominent figure in the production of lead. Other important resources include the mining of limestone and coal, to name a few. The manufacturing industry obtains a large profit from the production of transport parts and associated equipment, which ranges widely from airplane parts, trucks, cars and buses. This coincides with the state's reputation as a strong provider in the production of vehicles and trucks. Other important sectors in the industry include several dairy plants and breweries which greatly contribute to the state's food processing industry.