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Maine is situated at the tip of the northeastern region of North America with a total population of only 1,328,361 people, which makes this state quite small in comparison to others in the U.S. The state's major cities include: Augusta (the state capital), Portland (being its largest city), Caribou, Gardiner, Bath, Belfast and Waterville. Besides cities, the state's most populated counties in the state include: Penobscot County, York County, Oxford County and Cumberland County. The overall number of counties situated in the state contributes to a total of sixteen.

Portland's demographic statistics indicate three major groups within the city, which include the low-income earning singles who live in urban or rural areas, the middle-class families who generally hold college degrees and work in management and, finally, the upper-class. The average household income sits at nearly $36,650, with the rate of married couples sitting at just below 42 percent. Portland is host to a variety of regular events around the city, such as the Maine Roller Derby, the Alive at Five concert series, kids' activities and the Old Port Festival. Portland's downtown district also features a number of shopping strips, along with several available tours that provide visitors and residents with a general impression of Maine's largest city.

Since Maine is situated along the coastline, the state has a strong commercial fishing industry, with a high rate of lobster caught annually. Other regular catches include clams, mussels and crabs, along with haddock, sea herring and flounder. The agriculture industry garners a large amount of revenue due to a predominant livestock production, with a high production rate of eggs and milk. Cattle, calves, turkey and sheep also contribute greatly to the industry. Paper and cardboard are important sectors of the manufacturing industry as well, along with the production of computer parts and equipment. The mining industry accounts towards the production of gravel, sand and limestone in generous amounts, along with other materials such as clay, granite and garnet.

Maine foreclosures are currently available in the state's prospective housing market. In Portland, average housing prices sit at $210,300, while the average price for a home in Belfast is roughly around $215,000. Maine home foreclosures attribute to a small amount of overall sales, though with trends leaning towards decreases in prices, these percentile rates should increase over time.