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Kentucky is situated in the eastern region of the United States and shares borders with Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, Tennessee and Illinois. Kentucky also boasts a population of approximately 4,339,367, covering a landmass of over forty thousand square miles. The state's major cities are: Frankfort, Louisville, Georgetown, Glasgow, Henderson and Nicholasville. Major counties around the state include: Boyd county, Pulaski county, Pike county and Madison county. Its two most important cities are Louisville and Frankfurt; Louisville is Kentucky's most populated city while Frankfurt is its capital. Louisville's demographic figures indicate a median household income of roughly over $28,000. Out of the entire population of Louisville, 41.65 percent are married while its total households consisting of one or more children sit at 22 percent of the population. Louisville is also home to many notable landmarks and places of interest, such as the Kentucky Derby, the annual horse racing event held in May during the Kentucky Derby Festival. Other places in Louisville include the Muhammad Ali Center, The Kentucky Show and the Louisville Zoo.

Louisville's housing market indicates that Kentucky home foreclosures are in a prospective position right now. Median listing prices are currently sitting at $93,000, which is a decrease of 3.1 percent from the previous year. This trend set is predicted to continue for some time to come. Georgetown's listing prices are recovering from an increase that occurred last year, which has resulted in an average home price of $172,900 across the city. With these figures, Kentucky foreclosures sit within reasonable market conditions right now.

Kentucky's geographic region is host to a wide range of landscapes and is a very diverse place, nature wise. These consist of the rolling meadows of the Bluegrass Region, located in the states north central area; the cascading valleys of the Cumberland Plateau, situated in the eastern part of Kentucky, and the endless hills of the Western Coal Field. The state's climate is generally modest, with little in terms of temperature extremities for the majority of the seasons.

The state's economy thrives on its mining industry, particularly in the production of coal. Other notable materials that are mined within Kentucky's caverns include limestone, natural gas and petroleum. Its manufacturing industry garners much of its revenue from the production of transportation equipment as well. This consists of the building of automobiles along with the associated production of separate car parts, also including parts for airplanes, railroad cars and trailers for boats. The manufacturing of chemicals and machinery is also another industry in Kentucky to take note of.