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Iowa Foreclosures for Sale

Iowa is located in the upper region of North America, situated between Nebraska, Minnesota, Illinois and Wisconsin. The state's climate contributes greatly to its highly successful agricultural industry. With wet seasons occurring in the spring along with hot summers, this state provides the perfect conditions for the production of corn during peak seasons. Iowa is regarded as America's biggest contributor to the supply and demand of corn. Iowa also dabbles in maintaining livestock (hogs and cattle), soybeans and dairy as well as exporting chicken, eggs and milk. Subsequently, Iowa's manufacturing sector is involved mainly in food processing, including the preparation of long-life products such as canned meat (spam, ham etc), glucose, corn oil and corn sugar. Areas such as the mining industry and service industry are also essential to the state's economic growth, along with local insurance firms, local businesses and other minor wholesale companies that are spread throughout Iowa.

Iowa's major cities include: Waterloo (part of Black Hawk County), Davenport (part of Scott County), Ames, Cedar Rapids (part of Linn County) and Des Moines (part of Polk County), which is the state's capital and most populated area. Des Moines is often the center of large political events, with annual gatherings being held for several decades now, such as the Iowa caucuses. The city's vast, connecting neighborhoods feature friendly, vibrant communities along with lush parks and hotspots for recreation. Notable areas of interest include Gray's Lake Park, East Village, Iowa State Capitol and the Simon Estes Riverfront Amphitheater. Providing a diverse and exciting environment, Des Moines is one of many appealing metropolitan areas featured in our Iowa home foreclosures range.

Current housing market trends across several cities indicate promising statistics. The median sale price of households in Davenport sit at over $114,000, while in Des Moines, the average sales prices are standing at just over $99,000. The rate of Iowa foreclosures being sold in Des Moines also accommodates for just over a quarter of total household sales; this trend, however, will cause this number to rise in the future. The city of Waterloo is also experiencing a drop in the average sale price, with estimates of $80,000 and below. This result coincides appropriately with current market trends that are being experienced throughout other neighboring cities in Iowa.