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Georgia Foreclosures for Sale

Current housing trends in Georgia signify a decrease in the overall median price of available houses, dropping 6.2 percent in comparison to the same time last year, with prices at an average of $144,400. This coincides with the drop in value to households across the state, which too has witnessed a percentile drop over the past year, at roughly 12.1 percent, averaging at about $114,200. These trends offer potential homeowners a chance at finding Georgia home foreclosures within a reasonable price.

Georgia is situated in the southwest region of North America, featuring a population of approximately over 9.6 million across the state. It borders alongside states such as Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee and North Carolina. The northern and southern regions of Georgia are differentiated by their contrasting landscapes, with the north featuring runs of mountains across it, whereas the south has tamer flatland plains. The climate varies considerably, with hot and humid summers and winters offering a more stable temperature throughout the season. Notable counties across the state include Chatham county, Cherokee county, Muscogee county, Whitfield county and Bibb county. Their corresponding cities contribute the largest population numbers of all around the state.

Its capital city is Atlanta, which is followed by other major cities including Augusta, Columbus, Savannah, Athens and Sandy Springs. Atlanta's overall population is over 420,000, with a median resident age of about 32 and a median household income of roughly $49,981. Several tourist attractions are available in Atlanta, including the city's first skyscraper, The Candler Building, the Fernbank Science Lab, the Turner Field, the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site and the 'Imagine It!' Children's Museum, just to name a few. Those looking to move to an area rich in culture should definitely check out available Georgia foreclosures.

Georgia's economy thrives most on service industries, with the wholesale and retail sectors providing the biggest contribution to economic growth. The agriculture industry in Georgia is renowned for being a leader in the production of eggs and broilers, along with the regular maintenance of livestock, cotton and peanuts, which also provide essential economic growth in the industry. Georgia also ranks highly in regards to the production of clay, along with kaolin and crushed stone, to name a few. The fishing industry is only a minor area in the state's economic growth, though the value of shrimp bears notable worth, alongside crabs, oysters and clams.