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Delaware Foreclosures for Sale

The current housing market in Delaware points towards a permeating decrease among overall home value rates along with an increase in Delaware home foreclosure re-sales, which currently contribute 9.1 percent of overall household sales in the state. The median sale price for homes averages at about $203,500, which is a slight increase from last year's first quarter period. Despite this, prospects look optimistic and an abundance of bargain homes are currently available on the market.

Delaware is situated in the northeast region of the United States. In fact, it is one of America's smallest states and sits between New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania and the Atlantic Ocean. The state's relatively small size means that, unlike other larger states, it has a fairly unanimous appearance; it consists mainly of flatlands.

The state's capital is Dover and has a population of over 36 thousand, making it the second largest city in Delaware. As for its economy, commerce and industry produce large amounts of revenue for Delaware; Kraft Foods and Proctor & Gamble have their headquarters in this state . Many training programs in Dover train prospective workers for little to no cost; this is done mainly to guarantee employment. Local businesses also keep the state's economic growth at a steady level, while the tourism industry attracts visitors on a regular basis, largely due to citizens in neighboring states (most notably New Jersey and New York) wishing to travel around the surrounding areas. To a lesser extent, agriculture also can be said to hold a firm position in Delaware's economy.

Recreation in Dover is varied and plentiful and has many sightseeing opportunities available for any tourist who wishes to visit here. These sightseeing spots include the Delaware State Visitor Center, Dover's Air Force Base, the Johnson Victrola Museum and an exhibition based on the history of the state's agricultural and farming industry.

Counties situated across the state consist of simply three: Sussex County, New Castle County and Kent County. The capitals of these cities are, respectively, Dover, Wilmington and Georgetown. Wilmington is Delaware's most populated city, with an average of over 70,000 people. The demographics of Wilmington show a median household income of around $35,000 or more, a median age of 35 and an average family size of two or more people. Homes that have children are also currently at a percentile rate of about 23 percent and households with single males or single females is over approximately 20 percent in general.