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Washington DC Foreclosures for Sale

Washington D.C. carries much importance in the United States due to the fact that it is our country's capital. The initials D.C. stand for the District of Columbia. This city has this special status since it is the capital of the entire country. Washington D. C. is located on the north bank of the river running alongside it, known as the Potomac River, and shares border with the states of Maryland and Virginia. The Washington Metropolitan Area is the seventh biggest area in the whole of the USA with a population of nearly 6 million; even the city of Washington has a population of 600,000. The population of Washington also rises during the work week because of all the people who commute into the city from its outskirts. The federal district of the country is also very important because it contains all three branches of our government, many national monuments as well as the headquarters of the World Bank.

Since Washington DC is the capital of the country, it is a very expensive place to buy a house and live in, with the average value of a home at the astronomical amount of just over $700,000! Even the median house prices of the homes sold so far this quarter are around $350,000, which is more than the valuation of homes in most states! Due to the high price, some people find it hard to afford to buy a place to live here even though there are 3000 Washington DC home foreclosures on the market, although 3000 have also been sold recently.