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Colorado's economy varies considerably, based on the state's varied landscape types. Agriculture dominates the majority of the flatland plain areas, with strong focus points on livestock such as cattle and calves. Other key production areas in the industry include dairy, sheep, lamb, and eggs, along with crops such as potatoes, grains, beans, corn and wheat. Situated next to the mountains in the west are service providers and the manufacturing industry, which account for the production of cotton cloth, medical equipment, brews and various types of electronics.

Colorado currently boasts a population at over 5 million, with a median age of about 34 years among its residents. In terms of housing, estimates of more than 2 million households are currently in the state - an increase of over 400,000 houses between the years 2000-2010. However, the majority of these properties were built during the 70's and 80's. Notable cities that feature the greatest number of households clude Aurora, Arvada, Pueblo, Colorado Springs, and Boulder. Denver is the state's capital and boasts the largest population out of all Colorado s cities.

Denver has a diverse city structure, with each neighborhood and sector featuring different places of interest. Downtown Littleton, for instance, has a wide selection of art galleries, specialized clothing shops, gift shops, and much more. Five Points prides itself on its cultivated history of jazz, along with its Victorian-style homes and a plethora of restaurants from which to choose from.

Recent trends in Denver's housing market displays an optimistic outlook for the future, with housing prices over 10 percent lower than were during the same time last year. The average home value is currently situated at approximately $185,000 or more. Colorado home foreclosures count towards 29 percent of overall house sales, which is an increase from the same time last year.

The city of Aurora also features attractive figures, with current housing prices down 13 percent in comparison to 2010. Statistics also indicate a majority of households in Colorado have married couples. In fact, Aurora is a very family-oriented place; it has 70 elementary schools, 12 high schools, and 12 middles schools. The number of educational opportunities for children highlights the city as an appealing and practical place to live, making Colorado foreclosures a rewarding and worthwhile investment.