Los Angeles Foreclosure Listings

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Foreclosure Homes:

Pre-foreclosure - 10 photos

Mulholland Dr
$207,800 (EMV)

6 BD, 10 BH
10,000 sqft

EASTBORNE AVE APT 102 Los Angeles - CA
Pre-foreclosure - 9 photos

Eastborne Ave Apt 102
$157,600 (EMV)

2 BD, 3 BH
1,638 sqft

COPA DE ORO RD Los Angeles - CA
Pre-foreclosure - 6 photos

Copa De Oro Rd
$179,000 (EMV)

7 BD, 10 BH
864 sqft

3RD AVE Los Angeles - CA
Pre-foreclosure - 3 photos

3rd Ave
$247,400 (EMV)

4 BD, 3 BH
2,104 sqft

SELMA AVE Los Angeles - CA
Pre-foreclosure - 3 photos

Selma Ave
$270,000 (EMV)

2 BD, 11 BH
5,288 sqft

E 114TH ST Los Angeles - CA
Pre-foreclosure - 5 photos

E 114th St
$240,000 (EMV)

3 BD, 2 BH
1,558 sqft

S ST ANDREWS PL Los Angeles - CA
Pre-foreclosure - 19 photos

S St Andrews Pl
$258,500 (EMV)

20 BD, 11 BH
4,341 sqft

Pre-foreclosure - 1 photo

S Carondelet St
$150,000 (EMV)

6 BD, 6 BH
6,635 sqft

Foreclosure - 12 photos

Westside Ave

3 BD, 2 BH
1,960 sqft
Foreclosed Home

S VAN NESS AVE Los Angeles - CA
Sheriff-sale - 11 photos

S Van Ness Ave

3 BD, 2 BH
1,100 sqft


Our site does not guarantee the availability of any property listed herein. The number of available foreclosure properties in our database varies with market conditions.

Due to the federal moratorium on foreclosure evictions during the pandemic, our supply of foreclosure listings is currently low. Please consider looking at other types of properties available here on our website, such as short sales and pre-foreclosures. These types of properties can offer great opportunities for real estate investment.

EMV: Estimated Market Value.
Buying Tips: We recommend that you first search for any available pre-foreclosure property in your area. The reason we recommend this is that pre-foreclosures aren’t usually listed for sale, which means that you will have less competition from other buyers. Another important thing to remember is that pre-foreclosures are usually sold below market rate and they can be great real estate deals.

Los Angeles Real Estate Facts and Amenities

Los Angeles has 1 in every 2005 houses are in foreclosure. The total number of foreclosure homes in Los Angeles on the market are 7,604. Los Angeles's real estate market has been improving. The number of foreclosure filings in the city is almost half as much as it was the same time last year. Home sales have declined slightly but only 8%. The median sales price for these kinds of homes in Los Angeles is $525,000, which is lower than the price for a non-distressed home on the market. The state still has many metro areas that are in the top 20 for the highest number of foreclosure rates, like Riverside. Los Angeles is where Hollywood and is the second-largest metropolitan area in the United States. Many stars have their mansions in Los Angeles and it is one of the best places to see movie stars.

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Los Angeles California Real Estate foreclosure statistics: Foreclosures 254, Pre-foreclosures 1,286, Short sales 30, Sheriff sales 301