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Arizona Foreclosures for Sale

Arizona's overall population sits at approximately 5.8 million, with the rate of inhabitants increasing each year, surpassing even that of Nevada - a precedent that will surely continue to grow in years to come. The state is well known for its varying climate and extreme heat, with the peak of the summer period often reaching temperatures of up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and beyond. With the advent of improved cooling technology however, the state's extreme weather has become more bearable in recent times, making it a more livable environment.

Along with the state's soaring temperatures come attractive landscapes to visit. Most notable is the Grand Canyon, with other important landmarks including the Hoover Dam, Meteor Crater and the Four Corners Monument. Arizona's tourism industry attracts millions of visitors each year, with the Grand Canyon attracting over five million visitors annually, making it the most profitable attraction in the state. It also provides the biggest contribution towards Arizona's tourism industry.

Another one of the biggest contributors to Arizona's economy is its mining industry, with copper being its most prevalent and profitable resource. Most recently in 2010, it was revealed that the production of copper contributed to the state's gain of nearly $9.3 billion, and provided 52,500 jobs to Arizona residents.

Arizona's overall demographic displays a strong presence of family households, with statistics approximating the total to over 1.2 million. In addition, the home ownership rate sits at around 68 percent overall. The state's major cities include Phoenix, the state's capital, along with other cities including Tucson, Mesa, Gilbert (which experienced a 90 percent growth over the past decade) and Chandler.

The current housing market report for Arizona states that the average home value stands at around $131,700, with Arizona home foreclosures accounting for about 46.4 percent of overall sales. Particularly in Phoenix, Arizona foreclosures stand at 53.3 percent, more than half of overall house sales. The percentage of renters that are prevalent in the capital city is approximately 39.3 percent, while the sale of condominiums stands at 15.4 percent.

The statistics show a strong favor in the re-sale of foreclosure homes, thus making Arizona an appealing market for potential buyers. The wide range of available homes makes it perfect for hunters to be accommodated towards their specific needs.