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Arkansas Foreclosures for Sale

Current housing market trends in the state show enthusiastic statistics for property prices and Arkansas home foreclosures, with the average price of a three-bedroom home situated around $157,000. This is over $20,000 less when compared to how things were a year ago. Even more encouraging, Fayetteville, one of the state's major cities, is currently experiencing prices that are 5% less than those from the same time last year, with the growth in jobs contributing to the increase in buying or selling. Little Rock, the state's most populous city, is currently displaying a statistic of 30-35% for re-sales of Arkansas foreclosure homes, making now an attractive time for potential buyers of Arkansas homes.

Little Rock itself is a primarily agricultural region; they have much experience mass producing cotton, soybeans, rice, and many other crops. This level of agricultural production makes a significant impact on the exporting of goods and services internationally. This also remains true for many other parts of Arkansas, yet Little Rock is one of the most prominent sites overall. In terms of size, farmland encapsulates around 1/3 of the state's land, with a focus on livestock such as broilers and cattle, and rice being the most important crops in terms of production. The sector's influence spreads throughout Arkansas, with approximately a quarter of the jobs in Arkansas involving at least some level of agriculture.

Another important area of revenue for the state is in aviation. This industry's revenue has jumped dramatically over the past decade as a result of exporting spacecraft and aircrafts internationally. Several local aviation companies are situated in Little Rock, which contributes to the state's expanding economic growth as well. Another financial sector applicable to the revenue increase is the retail industry. The most notable retail revenue generator is the main headquarters of Walmart, which is situated in Bentonville. The retail chain's international growth since the 1960s has obviously led to this company becoming an internationally renowned, successful, and instantly recognizable brand name. Along with the other major retail outlets, locally owned businesses in the service sector also contribute to the local economy, including private health care services, hotels, and other small businesses.

Notable counties in Arkansas include: Benton, Craighead, Jefferson, Pulaski, and Washington counties, with each containing population of 50,000 or more. The general demographic of Arkansas currently estimates a population of about 2,889,450. Of this number, roughly 732,261 live in family households, with over three thousand of them accommodating five-bedroom homes.